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Lighthouse Skylights

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In 1994 Lighthouse Skylights was established under Skydome Cape. Skydome SA imported the first tubular skylights into SA from Australia, an award winning concept from Skydome Inc., a company which built the Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000.

As the Rand dipped, we decided in 1999 to manufacture locally by focusing on price/quality, hence our logo ‘Since 1994 – 1st in Quality’. Competitors followed which kept their products slightly cheaper  to accommodate agents and selling ‘kits in numbers’. This made our product unbeatable in the ratio price:quality. Others advertise only on websites with ‘photo-shop’ images but in reality still use inferior materials.


  • Since 1994 – 1st in Quality and 1st installer in Cape Town
  • Only we offer a 20 year guarantee against rust and leak
  • We use strong fibreglass adapters on all roofs
  • Tops in aesthetic looks on the roof if you sell your house
  • Our units can breathe, heat can escape and are self-drying
  • MIRRORTUBE® – German Technology – is our registered trademark
  • Special designed drop diffuser allows optimal light spread
  • Our frosted diffuser/ceiling ring is the only one injection-moulded in SA
  • Our roof adapters and ceiling rings are not made of galvanised or powder-coated metal which can rust and look cheap
  • Our installers are tops in attitude and communication.


When buying a product you did not buy before, why trust the cheapest because they sold in numbers and make all sorts of claims (also concerning us)? That’s why we offer free advice at your home for peace of mind. If you wish to obtain a price over the phone we cannot always concede a discount as we don’t get the full picture. However, a ‘phone quote’ at times might be better because of distance, time schedule and traffic.

We are old-fashioned guys who don’t want to sell only via e-mail but appreciate a call. As the cell-connectivity in SA is deteriorating, we can sometimes not communicate well while on the road. Therefore please sms or email us and we ring back asap!

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