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Supreme Blinds

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Supreme Blinds

Supreme Blinds started in 1996 by Rochelle Shuman.

Rochelle has spent her working career manufacturing and distributing fabrics both wholesale and retail. Interior products that use fabric for bedding, blinds and furniture.  Window Blinds has always fixed Rochelle’s attention as a creative bang would go off and her originality comes alive. Rochelle’s knowledge of fabrics and the window blind industry stretches more than 25 years. Having the knowledge of the fabric trade and interior design, Rochelle started Supreme Blinds as her advanced way of manufacturing Roman Blinds was unique and well sought after by home owners and businesses alike. Since 1996 Rochelle has supplied numerous high profile clients from fashion designers to politicians. Her work can be found throughout the Western Cape.  Rochelle’s loyalty to her clientele is of paramount importance because she pays attention to every requirement and endeavors to fulfil her client’s desires. In turn Supreme Blinds has many loyal customers that goes back 15 years or more.

Supreme Blinds specializes in the manufacture of Roman Blinds and Curtains.

Our Roman Blinds have a unique pully system whereby the folds of the Roman Blind are neater and causes less damage to the blind over the years of the Roman Blinds product lifecycle. Our Roman Blinds are the preferred choice of blind by many other manufactures who use Supreme Blinds for their Roman Blind range. Our pioneering way of making Roman Blinds and Curtains match the demand for improved products in the Western Cape. With that, our prices are unbeatable and our quality is without compromise. Opting for an aluminium headrail replaces the wooden batten and the string cord is replaced with a plastic chain pully system. You now have a modern and traditional Roman Blind, all in one. Fabric options are endless to use for your Roman Blind.

We manufacture our Curtains made to order.

We don’t believe in retail blinds. You are restricted. You are at the mercy of being told what you can get. With our service, your curtain is made as you want it. Fabrics that suite your budget and design. Colours and patterns that match your lifestyle and installed at the correct height. Not draped on the floor and gets damaged over a short period of time.

Venetian Blinds are becoming a popular choice for the discerned buyer.

Wooden Venetian blinds are fashion conscious and modern. The wood is used from the finest basswood range hence making this wooden venetian blind a true wood product, 100%. Rustic and contemporary, you are getting upgraded mood and overall design when deciding on the window blinds. The slats are 50mm in width thus allowing the sunlight to be manipulated as you desire. When the slats are open to the full horizontal position, the light shining in makes your view unstoppable on any sunny day. As the sun lowers to sunset, tilting the slats decreases the glare and turns away the harsh glare from furniture and other items.

Our aluminium blinds is our staple diet.

Always there, always reliable and always enduring. The aluminium is a blind product that is easily cleaned and is resistant to grease or grime in any room. The aluminium slats do crinkle easy if the slats are lifted when the slats are in closed position. Be careful when doing so as the slat can’t be replaced. The entire blind must be replaced. Our suggestion is to use the aluminium blind for tougher environments where durability and strength is required.

Roller blinds are exciting and new to the industry.

The versatility is insurmountable.  You can block out bright sunshine into any room, from media rooms, baby or nursery room, main bedrooms and other secondary bedrooms. When you require security from naughty eyes, the blockout roller blind is just that. Blocking out any vision from outside in. Making night time safer and secure. The blockout blind can withstand strong sunlight and is great for holiday houses as no one can see in and the material of the blind will not fade over time.

The roller sunscreen blind is the ultimate blind for direct sun facing homes.

Sitting inside your house and looking out into bright light is uncomfortable and a waste if the view is awesome. Houses that are north facing have the benefit of never ending views and with the sunlight not being filtered brands the room an uncomfortable living space. Sun damage to anything inside the home is never a worry and faultless for those days when you are having a get together for the rugby or cricket on TV. You don’t have to struggle moving the tv’s around to prevent harsh glare bouncing off the screen or having to close the curtains. The sunlight is filtered in and all harsh UV rays are drastically reduced. Living or working along the coast is that much more pleasurable because the sunlight is no longer a hindrance. In fact, it is the reason you chose to be there. Not for the glare but for the sun and the views.

Manufacturing and supplying premium quality products is our mission and our goal is to have and maintain a loyal customer base. We do not want our customers to be unhappy or regret their decision to use our services. We want our customers having the best choice of blind. We are the preferred supplier of all types of blinds to many Western Cape agents and we go beyond all expectations for our clientele. We cherish new business and look forward to being of service to you in the future.

The benefits for using our services and purchasing our products is we are involved in your decisions that will enable you to make the best informed decision. We take you to our fabric houses to choose the best fabric, we ensure your installations are neat and without fault. We give you Personalised service and our full attention. Never will we give you quality that we wouldn’t accept.

Please contact Ryan or Rochelle via our website or

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