Open plan kitchen vs closed plan kitchen – how to choose

Open plan kitchen vs closed plan kitchen – how to choose

The kitchen hasn’t been a kitchen for a number of years now; it’s become our kitchen, our living room, our workstation and our entertainment base. We’re living in an era where getting the most out of your space is more important than ever before.

So when it comes to designing your kitchen it’s important to consider what structure will work best for your lifestyle, cue the open plan kitchen vs closed plan kitchen debate.
With both styles of kitchen still proving popular, you’re in no danger of going off trend whatever you decide. With design at the core of every practical kitchen, it’s time to consider some important factors.

Plan for an open plan kitchen

An open plan kitchen is a great way to bring everyone together, whether it’s your family, a night in with your partner or a dinner party with friends. If you have a home full of energy and bustling with children an open plan kitchen will make life easier when it comes to keeping the kids entertained while you’re cooking. However, this does work both ways; when you’re looking forward to a night in with your partner or friends it’s a bit more difficult to manoeuvre a kids free zone.

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Go closed plan

With structured space and compartmentalized rooms you have many perks. Not only are you guaranteed to avoid the smell of food lingering in the lounge but you also have the advantage of zones. Having designated areas gives your home structure and each room a certain purpose – perfect for when you want to separate relaxing with a glass of wine from bringing the office home.

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Both styles are equally valid so it’s important to consider your lifestyle and choose carefully when it comes to designing your home.

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