Pretty in pink gardening essentials

Pretty in pink gardening essentials

Add a pop of pink to your gardening essentials with these stylish, top of the range products by gardening guru Tanya Visser.

Gardening Gloves:

gardening gloves

These gloves are perfect for all kinds of garden work. Covered with natural rubber, these gloves are soft and stylish. They are suited to delicate garden work such as planting pots, pruning, watering plants, and fruit picking. The 13-gauge nylon liner fits your hand perfectly, offering maximum comfort and eliminating hand fatigue. Available in sizes: Small, medium & large. Price: R 100.00 per pair

Watering Can (2L):

watercan gardening

An ergonomically designed watering can that’s easy to store and fill. These sleek watering cans are designed to fit into one another, making transportation and storage easier and more efficient. Made from earth-friendly material (100% recyclable polypropylene), their ergonomic design means they are well balanced which makes them easy to fill. Available in a variety of colours. Price: R 165.00 each

Garden Glory Garden Hose:

candy crush gardening hose

Practical objects don’t have to be ordinary, they should be beautiful expressions of your personality. The Garden Glory hoses are of the highest quality and made in Scandinavia. The knitted reinforcement around the inner tube makes them pliable and non-kinking. The plastic surface is dirt repellent and UV-protected to prevent bleaching from sun exposure. All hoses are made of PVC and are free from lead, cadmium and phthalates which means that they are “drinking water safe”. Length 20 meters/65 feet. Weight 4 kilos. 5 year warranty. Available in a variety of colours. Price: R1800.00 – R2150.00 (each)

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